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Episode 15: A Gentleman’s Perspective

Episode 15 Too much fun for one episode! Tiffany & AJ are joined by Jim, Jordan, Travis, and the (Standy-by-Go-to-Guy) Jason. The boys overwhelm Tiffany with their gentlemanliness, Jason brings Tiffany & AJ to tears, and Tiffany proves she’s a … Continue reading

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Writing & Recording

Tuggers & Pullers! (Which are you? Is there a difference?) AJ & I are working on new sketches, segments, and episodes! Please write us and let us know what you’d like to hear and participate in. Send us a MP3 file … Continue reading

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Episode 14: Tiffany Returns, AJ Stands, & Jason Wanders About

The 13th Episode, called: Episode 14 AJ and Jason celebrate Tiffany’s triumphant return… from vacation. The crew talks about life and lifey stuff. Email: Twitter: @AJ_TnP @Tbrain13  

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Episode 12: When AJ Stands Alone

Episode 12 Tiffany took a vacation and AJ was forced to find a new partner for the evening. As you may have guessed, hilarity ensued! Email: or Twitter: AJ_TnP or TBrain13 Your Opinion: Is the winner of AJ’s Search for … Continue reading

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